Falling Fearless


My daughter recently discovered the thrill of trust falls. She’ll drop back with reckless abandon and fall to let me catch her. I always let her drop to a couple inches from the ground before I grab her shoulders at the last possible moment to keep her from smashing into the ground.
I am always amazed at my kid’s faith. It’s illustrative, contagious and absolutely perfect. It makes me consider my own faith and it’s shortcomings.

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Dad’s understand the role of provider, but have a way of getting caught up in the task. We know we need to take care of our kid’s needs, so we dive headlong into our jobs where it often becomes our identity- it defines us. When guys first meet, one of the leading questions is, “What do you do for a living?”
With the best intentions, but a twist of irony, some men even lose their families to the false adventure of a career. 
Our preoccupation with work distracts us to the fact that the needs of our families extend beyond the basics of food, water and shelter. 

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