I Will Make You Hard To Kill is where men go to deconstruct the skills of: Survival, Faith, Personal Defense and Life.

This site began as a way to prepare people for the physical threats and challenges they face in both wilderness and urban settings. Over time it has evolved to offer a more integrated approach to life since survival skills and personal tactics are not only relevant to the physical environment but also the psychological and spiritual battlefields.

My background is in teaching Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) techniques to U.S. military personnel for the last 20 years as a SERE Specialist in the US Air Force.

I retired in 2018 and over time, I noticed that anyone who found out what I did for a living would bombard me with all kinds of questions, so I thought, ‘why not share those skills online?’

The flip side is that I’m a dad to two kids and have been a husband for more than 17 years. There have been a lot of hurdles along the way and some creative solutions. I wanted to share those challenges and wins to show other guys that they aren’t alone, but more importantly how to make God part of their daily fight.

Sort of like a devotional site for men that has a healthy dose of survival and tactical skills thrown in for fun.

So I’ve combined the two ideas in one format to teach guys a tradecraft that will make them hard to kill in any environment AND tips on making God a daily part of their lives.

The content here is geared towards guys who are:

  • On the fringe of their faith
  • Interested in survival skills
  • Not sure how to apply the Bible to real life
  • Interested in techniques to help protect their families/friends
  • Beat to death with the image of the perfect Christian (over-churched)
  • New to the whole idea of following Christ

While this site is not exclusively for men, the topics focus primarily on the challenges that men face. Ladies are more than welcome to follow along so as to better understand the heart of men and the unique obstacles we face.

What you can expect:

  • Survival Skills- The practical kind. I’m not going to waste your time with primitive living rhetoric. Only what is relevant for everyday use with some gear recommendations along the way.
  • Personal Defense Tips- We live in a dangerous world. When the Bible says that “the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy”, it’s not just referring to a physical threat, but also the spiritual warfare that rages in men’s lives daily. I’ve got a few tactics to prepare you for both fronts.
  • Emergency Preparedness/Planning-When the chips are down, our families, friends and communities need us to lead the way. A huge part of leadership is planning and execution. I’ll show you where to start.
  • Tactics and Techniques for being a man, a husband and a father: We have no greater contribution as men than influencing our children, our wives and the world around us. If you’re used to zoning out in front of the TV, prepare to be challenged! The world needs men to be actively involved more than ever. This site is a catalyst to make that happen.

One caveat: Obviously I don’t have all the answers…I’ve been the guy who sat in church on Sunday and then went back to normal life the other 6 days a week. There used to be a massive distinction between those two worlds. Now I’ve learned ways to find God in everything I do. My struggle back then, may be your struggle currently. If so, then I can help guide you out of the fog.

The Bible says that “iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend” and I look forward to sharing the skills to make you a more effective weapon in your daily fight!

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