Falling Fearless

My daughter recently discovered the thrill of trust falls. She’ll drop back with reckless abandon and fall to let me catch her. I always let her drop to a couple inches from the ground before I grab her shoulders at the last possible moment to keep her from smashing into the ground.
I am always amazed at my kid’s faith. It’s illustrative, contagious and absolutely perfect. It makes me consider my own faith and it’s shortcomings.

Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time waiting on God in the middle of a major transition in my own life. For me, it’s sort of like the world’s longest trust fall. At times I find it unnerving and catch myself looking backward (in shame) to see if God’s really going to catch me. Why is it so easy for a kid to trust their earthly father so completely, but so hard for a man “advanced” in his faith to wholly trust the one who made the heavens? I am continually amazed at how much my children teach me about myself. Though I am careful not to let them learn this fact for fear they’ll use it against me!
There’s value in the fall though. The moment I lay back suspended, I open the space for action from God and become hypersensitive to His movement. The fall creates a vacuum that He so quickly and so easily fills in spite of my doubts. The fall becomes terrifying, liberating and exciting all at the same time. I keep reminding myself of His words,
“Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” Matthew 11:30
When we let go of the reins, we’re able to keep our eyes off the storm around us and instead focus on Him and I’m pretty sure that’s where He wants our attention to be.

Faith is something you work at; like a muscle that when stretched and labored under heavy load, grows back with greater mass and exceeding definition.