Quick Tip- The Modern Minuteman


Have a chest rig ready to go at a moments notice.

We live in strange times. The normalcy bias tells us that nothing bad has happened before, so nothing bad will happen in the future. Probably not the safest way to live.

We’ve seen rioting and all sorts of chaos when the weather turns bad, during social unrest and the like. What happens when the gunfight outside your door lasts for more than one magazine?

So what should you carry? Magazines (more=better) for your primary and secondary weapons, a trauma kit with tourniquet and some survival and navigation essentials should you have to temporarily relocate.

Some may find this notion a little overkill. Maybe, but chance favors the prepared!



One thought on “Quick Tip- The Modern Minuteman”

  1. Who’s to say what’s overkill. It’s all location location location. I say build to suit you. Could you put in more situational awareness training tips ? Sure people talk about situational awareness but you have to train yourself to be constantly vigilant.

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