Quick Tip- Wood Splitting Hack


I spend a lot of time splitting wood. Picking up the splits and repositioning them on the chopping block is a gigantic waste of time, not to mention a pain in the back.  I can’t take credit for inventing this, but I’m sharing it here because I think it’s awesome and it’s made me way more efficient when splitting wood. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a few tires that have an inside diameter that’s a little bigger than the biggest round that you’ll split.
  2. If your chopping block is huge, place the tire on top, otherwise, just ring your chopping block with a couple of tires until you have the height you need to securely hold the rounds you chop.
  3. Place your round, or a couple/three smaller rounds in and chop away!


  • A safer way to chop. Rubber protects your toes/shins.
  • Tires are free. This literally costs you nothing.
  • Makes kindling super fast.


  • Tires are ugly and have a junkyard vibe that detracts from the vintage look of a manly wood processing area.

Grab a tire and give this a try next time you’re chopping wood. Your back will thank you.