The Sky is Falling

I recently witnessed a fervent debate between a few coworkers on the conspiracies behind UN Agenda 21, FEMA death-camps, George Soros’ plan to take over the world and the connections to the end times. These coworkers are guys I trust. We’ve been through the same training, have similar backgrounds and personality types. One made the case that self-driving cars are just a way to control the population’s free movement so that we can eventually be easily funneled to the places that the “One-World Government” has in mind for us. Another laid out Obama’s plan to collapse the economy and retain all power when he declares martial law prior to the election. It was a lot to take in. I sat quietly and listened to the myriad of ways that would ultimately lead to the downfall of our society and my eventual demise. At one point during a lull in the debate, they asked what my thoughts were on the crisis at hand. I’m of the opinion that hanging out in the crisis phase is unproductive, so I put a question back on them- “Sounds terrible, what are you going to do about it?”


Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

The short answer is to keep doing what we should be doing regardless of the latest headlines: train our bodies, keep our skills sharp, learn something new, teach it to our kids, spend time with our friends and make ourselves just a little better than yesterday.

Let’s assume the sky is falling and one of the scenarios above is playing out. In that case, all the workouts have made me fit and more able to handle anyone trying to do me harm. Going shooting has made me more proficient with weapons to deal with hordes of rioters. The food I have stored will cushion the blow once the initial panic sets in and the supermarket shelves are barren. The First Responder course has prepared me for medical emergencies when advanced care is delayed or nonexistent. The tangible investments I’ve made in camping equipment pays off if we have to quickly relocate. In short, we’re more likely to survive the ordeal verses the family next door that’s regularly hypnotized by the flat screen television, over-weight and only plans for Saturday nights. But maybe the news reel got it wrong again and Y2K didn’t crash all the computers and send us back to the Stone Age. Were we wrong to live our lives this way?

The Flip Side

All those workouts still made you fit and go a long way towards extending the length and quality of your life. No regrets there. Going shooting and teaching your kids and spouse about guns just enforced our family values and allowed us to spend quality time together doing something meaningful. The food stored in the basement was a waste, right? Not if we stored what we regularly eat and can rotate the stock. Not to mention when the wind storm knocked out power for 2 weeks last winter and everyone wiped out the supermarket while we played board games by lantern light and slept like babies. That First Responder course came in handy when I witnessed a car crash last summer and helped the injured until paramedics arrived. Our camping equipment gets used regularly every year when we get out in the woods as a family (away from iPads and the internet) and actually talk to each other like humans used to.pexels-photo-116104

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Your Family

Whether it’s a full on societal collapse or just a hiccup in your everyday life, your individual and group (family) training has invaluable benefits that bridge the gap. If you choose to live like a turd now, you’ll be a turd when the chips are down (at least until you die off). The path to being a really useful human is one we walk daily. These skills translate to almost every other area of our lives. They’re something that we can pass on to our kids while simultaneously building trust and meaningful lasting relationships with them that we’ll never regret. Don’t know where to start? Buy a gun and take a class with your spouse. Go camping with your kids and write down what you’d do differently next trip. Take a CPR class at your local fire department. Checkout a book on food storage from the library and start buying a little extra on every trip to the market. Your spouse and kids need you to be switched on and they’re dying to spend quality time with you. This can be the catalyst- make it happen.